276 Long Hill St.

276 Long Hill St.

276 Longhill Street was built by Louis Newman, who built 3 houses on Buena Vista Plaza including his own home at #278 and my house at #270. This particular house was built for Mrs. Elizabeth P. Savery and was completed in 1898.

The house is still standing, and looks largely like it did 100 years ago. Here is a photo I took a couple of years ago, oddly from nearly the same angle as the original that I just acquired.

The porch/overhang on the left has been removed, the balustrade over the front porch has since changed slightly, and two of the mini windows on the right side have been removed, but the house is still just as grand as it was when it was built, particularly on the interior.

20 Buena Vista Plaza

Did the addresses change at some point in the past for this street? Am researching the Titus-Washburn families. Cheney Davidson Washburn, a local prominent undertaker lived at 20 Buena Vista. Looking forward to finding out! Thanks!

Buena Vista/Washburn

Yes, the addresses changed - I live in Cheney Washburn's original house. Please drop me (Ralph Slate) a line via the contact form on this site, let's talk.

I almost bought the house

I almost bought the house but it was full of active termites