Alexander House Entrance Hall

Alexander House Entrance Hall

This stereoview is unlabeled, but it clearly matches this picture of the entrance hall to the Alexander house published in the 1952 booklet "Ten Famous Houses of Springfield", printed by the Connecticut Valley Historical Museum.

The stereoview photo dates from the 1870-1890 timeframe, meaning that it was taken while its most famous occupant, Henry Alexander, was living in the house. The photo from the booklet was taken years later, after the Society for Preservation of New England Antiquities had been left the house by Henry Alexander's descendants.

A House

Hi Ralph

Thanks so much for the link to the A house views page.
You are correct that the furnishings show it was from the Alexanders time of ownership. Mr Byers was the original owner. Then Col. Trask & Them The Alexanders S.P.N.E.A. took over around 1930. I am only the 5th owner. The Smith Museum & The A house were once considered the 2 most architecturally significant properties in this great "City of Homes"- I still think so.