American Scenery / New England Series

American Scenery / New England Series

This series may date from around 1875, since the first subject listed is the "new" court house, referring to what is now used as the Hampden County Juvenile Court. That building was built in 1875. There is also a mention of the "new" high school, which could refer to Springfield High School, built in 1874.

The single card I have shows the distributor being Whitney & Adams, Springfield, Mass.

1. New Court House and First Church
2. New Court House A.
3. New Court House B.
4. New Court House C.
5. New Court House Main Entrance
6. City Hall.
7. Old High School Building.
8. New High School Building A.
9. New High School Building B.
10. New High School Building and Unitarian Church
11. Massasoit House.
12. Hayne's Hotel.
13. Railroad Depot A.
14. Railroad Depot B.
15. Railroad Depot and New Railroad Bridge.
16. Interior New Railroad Bridge.
17. New Railroad Bridge.
18. Boston and Albany Railroad Building.
19. Agawam National Bank Building.
20. Daily Union Building.
21. City Library Building A.
22. City Library Building B.
23. Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co's Building.
24. Savings Bank Building.
25. State Street M.E. Church.
26. Unitarian Church.
27. Salem Street Church.
28. Old South Church.
29. Old South Church Interior.
30. Summer House, Geo. E. Howard's Estate.
31. Main Stret, north from Park Street.
32. Howard Street, from Main Street.
33. Elliott Street, from State Street.
34. O.H. Greenleaf's Residence.
34A. Old Corner Bookstore.
35. United States Arsenal.
36. Officer's Quarters, Armory Grounds.
37. Panorama from the Arsenal A.
38. Panorama from the Arsenal B.
39. Panorama from the Arsenal C.
40. Panorama from the Arsenal D.
41. Panorama from the Arsenal E.
42. Panorama from the Arsenal F.
43. Panorama from Crescent Hill.
44. Panorama from Long Hill A.
45. Panorama from Long Hill B.
46. Panorama from Long Hill C.
47. Panorama from Long Hill D.
48. Panorama from Long Hill E.

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