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Stained glass Repair

Have a friend with a Stain Glass window in need of repair/restoration. Any one know of anyone doing that work in the greater Springfield Area? Let me know at jimboone@hotmail.com Thanks

Allis Mansion at Mercy Hospital

The Allis Mansion 1867
Carew Street, Springfield Ma.

Mason Square/Winchester Square/Winchester Park

Mason Square/Winchester Square/Winchester Park

Winchester Square Fire StationWinchester Square Fire Station

Photo added by Ralph Slate

I am doing some research on this venerable piece of land and am trying to figure out when the names were changed. This is what I know.

Historic Preservation and Researching Your Home

Researching Your House

If we live in old houses we often become curious who lived here before, when they lived here and general things about the history of our homes, even early pictures of our houses.

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