C.W. Johnson

These views were produced by C.W. Johnson, of 128 Orleans St., Springfield. There is no checklist on the reverse, and there may not be descriptions on all the photos. this list is derived from cards in my collection.

Horse & Buggy in snow [may not be Springfield]
778. 1st Baptist Church, State St.

botanical prints by C. W. Johnson

I have a set of seven accordion-fold booklets photographed and then hand-colored by C. W. Johnson of 128 Orleans Street, Springfield, Mass. Each booklet contains six botanical prints. Each print measures 5 1/2" X 3 1/2". Each print is labeled at its' base with a typewritten notation i. e.,
and identified again on the back of the print with the name of the flower and a photo number.
I have had them and loved them for years and would really like to know more about the photographer/artist. I am also interested to know if the set is complete as published. Any information you could share about his life and his art would be greatly appreciated.

Can't tell you how happy I was to find your site!!

C. W. Johnson

I, too, would be interested in knowing more about C. W. Johnson. I have a couple of photographic postcards done by him (her?). Each shows flowers. One reads, "Photo Post Cards, Plain, Sepia & Hand Colored Design, No.______."

The other reads, "Mail Order Developing & Printing. Hand Colored Cards. This card is No. 32."

I also have an advertising postcard postmarked Feb. 18, 1923, that has a full page write-up promoting Johnson's "Photo Flowers." The address side has a slogan, "Dainty Gifts for Dainty People."

The last item is a folder with a photo of a flower and a printed Bible verse. It appears to be a greeting card as there is a handwritten note inside that reads, "I hope you are better each day. Lovingly, Eleanor S. Leitle (?)."

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