Church of the Unity Parsonage

Church of the Unity Parsonage

This was the parsonage (or rectory) of the Church of the Unity, which was on State Street across from the Springfield Public Library Main Branch. The church was torn down in the 1960s, and the site is currently a parking lot for the library. I don't know if the parsonage was torn down then, or earlier, though a realty map published in 1946 shows the building intact.

Church of the Unity

The house pictured is the parsonage of the Church of the Unity. I attended Sunday school there in the 40's and 50's.

My father

Owen Whitman Eames was the pastor here.
Jonathan Eames


I do not know if the picture above posted by Ralph is the "parsonage" but it is the house that was west of the Church of the Unity as depicted in many post card images. I do not know when it was demolished, so sad to see both of those buildings gone, we must work hard to save what is left.

Church of the Unity Parsonage

I grew up as a member of the church and worshiped in the H.H. Richardson building on State Street. This was not the house adjacent to the church. It may be the parsonage that I heard was on Mill Street, or it may be another parsonage.

Church of the Unity Parsonage


This is a really great find. I am in the process of assembling some history of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Greater Springfield, which is the church that comes from the Church of the Unity on State Street. I am also looking for images of the church as well.