Goldsmith & Lazelle

Goldsmith & Lazelle

This appears to be the largest and most diverse series of Springfield stereoviews by a single photographer. The front of these cards all have a distinct orange color, and the rear are all a distinct pink color.

There are at least three different checklist variations, a number of views with only the photographer listed on the back, some views that only have a small stamp or handwritten note of the photographers, and some views that have a checklist on the reverse, but are not included on the checklist.

Subjects ranged from civic treasures like City Hall, to the mundane, including pictures of fruits and vegetables (presumably at the county fair).

Typical front

Goldsmith & Lazelle, Photographers, No. 93 Greenwood Street, Springfield, Mass.

Goldsmith & Lazelle, Springfield Photographic Viewing and Copying Co., Room 12, Lyman's Block, Worthington St., Springfield, Mass

Springfield Photographic Viewing and Copying Co., Photographic Studio, Goodrich Block, Main St., Near the Depot.

This checklist contains a view entitled "Street Decorations June 10, 1878", so that approximately dates the photos in this series.

1. Down Main from Albany & New England Depot
2. Down Main from Massasoit House
3. Down Main from Worthington St.
4. Down Main from East Bridge St.
5. Down Main from West Bridge St.
6. Down Main from Hillman St.
7. Down Main from Harrison Ave.
8. Down Main from Music Hall
9. Down Main from Sanford St.
10. Up Main from Park St.
11. Up Main from Howard St.
12. Up Main from Bliss St.
13. Up Main from State St.
14. Up Main from Court St.
15. Up Main from Haynes Hotel
16. Up Main from Harrison Ave.
17. Up Main from Hampden St.
18. Up Main from Boston & Albany Granite Block
19. Howard from Main St.
20. East State St. from Main St.
21. Central St. from Main St.
22. East Bridge St. from Main St.
23. Winthrop St. from Main St.
24. Worthingon St. St. from Main St.
25. Fremont St. from Main St.
26. Vernon St. 3 views
27. Elliott St. from State
28. Thompson St. from State
29. State from Thompson East
30. Down State from Thompson East
31. Down State from Dwight St.
32. Up union from Maple St.
33. Mattoon from Chestnut 2 views.
34. Grosvenor from North St.
35. Greenwood from Main St. 2 views.
36. Elm St. from First Church
37. Bradford from Main
38. Court Square from Main
39. Court Square from First Church
40. Court Square from Court House
41. City Hall
42. Court House
43. City Library
44. New High School Building.
45. Elm St. School Building
46. Central St. School Building
47. Hooker School Building
48. Memorial Church
49. Salem St. Church
50. State St. M.E. Church
51. Florence St. M.E. Church 2 views
52. Grace M.E. Church
53. New South Congregational Church 2 views
54. State St. Baptist Church (Interior 4 views)
55. First Baptist Church
56. Unitarian Church
57. First Congregational Church
58. Episcopal Chapel W. Springfield.
59. Bond St. Engine House
60. Bill's, Shaw's, & McKnight's Blocks
61. W.D. Kinsman's & Wallach's stores
62. Front J.D. Gill's Art store (2 views)
63. Interior J.D. Gill's Art store (3 views)
64. Rev. Dr. Buckingham's Residence
65. L.J. Powers Residence, Pearl St.
66. Third National Bank Block
67. Prairie Rose Bush in bloom
68. Picking Roses.
69. Promenade in L.J. Powers' grounds
70. Section of R.R. Bridge and Depot.
71. D.B Wesson's Residence
72. D.B. Wesson's Greenhouse (interior, 5 views)
73. View of City from High St.
74. U.S. Water Shops (2 views)
75. U.S. Water Shops 5 views from tower.
76. U.S. Arsenal
77. From U.S. Arsenal 10 Panoramic Views
78. State St. entrance to U.S. Armory
79. St., from Col. Benton's residence east
80. North End Bridge (3 views)
81. North End Bridge Clam Eaters
82. Boats, Water Shop Pond (2 views)
83. View through arched bridge, U.S. Watershop
84. 4 views from Storr's Lot of City & River
85. 2 views from Leary's lot Long Hill
86. Camping out 3 views (towards Long Hill)
87. From Mrs. Goldthwait's (Pecowsic)
88. From Mrs. Goldthwait's towards Wilbraham
89. From Mrs. Goldthwait's towards the city
90. Centennial Elm West Springfield
91. ELm St. West Springfield
92. Col. Thompson's Trout Pond West Springfield
93. 2 views of city and North End Bridge from old Congregational Church, West Springfield
94. Up State from School St.
95. Odd Fellow's Clam Bake (5 views)
96. Longmeadow Rifle Range (3 views)
97. Longmeadow Glass ball shooting match
98. Cheser Mica & Emery Companies specimens
99. Specimens of Arkansas grain & grasses
100. Specimens of Fruit, Butter, Cheese, etc.
101. Specimens of Vegetables, Hampden County Fair, Hampden Park
102. 15 Yoke of Oxen
103. View from Judges Stand
104. Group at dinner table
105. Five Cent Savings Bank and Republican Blocks

45 Views of Springfield Cemetary
30 views of Northampton Camp ground
14 views of Advent grounds, Springfield


Fiske's Home at the old Holland Place, Brightwood

James Abbie's House, Liberty Street between Springfield and Chicopee Falls

Entrance hall to the Alexander House

83 Maple St.

Does anyone know why restoration work has come to a stop at 83 Maple St. Spfld., MA?

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