Herman Buchholz

Herman Buchholz

Townsley's Block, 181 Main St., Springfield, Mass.

Herman Buchholz was listed as operating his photography business in 1876.

Panoramic Views of Springfield, Mass.

1. South View.
2. South East View.
3. East View.
4. East View.
5. North East View.
6. North View.

Unnumbered series

Church of the Unity
St. Paul's Church
Trinity Church
Christ Church
First Baptist Church
State Street Baptist Church
First Congregational Church
Memorial Congregational Church
St. Michael's Church
City Library
First National Bank
Court Square
Depot & Boston & Albany R.R. Offices
United States Arsenal
United States Water Shops and Pond
Street View Looking Up Main Street
Street View Looking Down Main Street
Street View Looking Up State Street
Springfield, View from the Arsenal

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