South Main Street School

South Main Street School

This school was built in 1896, and has been renovated into elderly housing.

Solin's Market on High Street

Does anyone have any memories of Bill Solin and the little market on High St.? How far back did the store go? Is it still in busines?

Acushnet Ave. grammer school

I went to this grammar school in the 60's the name was Acushnet Ave Grammar. The name Acushnet Ave., is still on the building facing McDonalds (now), (in the 60's in was Center Pontiac). The school tought kiddie garden to sixth grade. Mr. Zanetti was the principal of this school and Homer street school (also known as Howard St. school)at that time.

Best years of my life

I went to South Main St School in 1949 and 1951. I was in 5th and 6th grades. My 5th grade teacher was Miss Mcdonald, and my 6th grade teacher was Mr Ahern. I was president of the student counsel. Miss Oconnell was the princieal. My friends call me Buddy.

S. Main St. School

How could I research any old school records from here? Not even sure my relatives attended, but they lived directly across the street. Thanks!