St. Matthew's Church

Old First Church

Old First Church was purchased by the City of Springfield, but no plans have been set for the building. The building is protected through Mass Historical Commission (MHC) because I believe the church used MHC funding to work on the building at some point. The protections should be for both the exterior and interior. Unfortunately almost none of the other historic buildings in downtown Springfield are protected.

Ben Murphy, Treasurer
Springfield Preservation Trust

old first church

I am searching for records/history of this church, year built etc. can anyone with info, please let me know, much Thanks.

1st Congregational Church-Court Square

I was saddened when I read that this Church had closed its doors this past year...Having grown up in the city during the 50's and having left in the late 60's I remembered a thriving church then.

Any news about what is to become of the it protected as a Historic Trust building?

Any information would be much appreciated.