West Union St. School

West Union St. School

This is a photo from 1975. This school, built in 1872, was converted into a factory in 1906. I don't know when it was demolished, perhaps when the Pride gas station was built.

Oak St./Strickland

I came across an old newspaper article about the mosque fire. It refered to the school as having been known as Strickland after being called Oak St. Primary. That fits with the city policy of naming schools either after their location or educators. I'm assuming there was a principal or teacher named Strickland. That front entrance really was remarkable. Building entrances now are so blah in comparison! By the way, I'd love to have a copy of that atlas but I never see it for sale.

Strickland School - And Barrows School

I attended Strickland School in about 1932. I went to 1st grade and then was transferred to Barrows School. Strickland was very similar to Barrows.

We walked to the Olivet for lunch; it was on Oak Street and was the most wonderful, caring center for kids from that neighborhood. An Amazing place -- with a library where you could borrow books, a beautiful chapel where we went to see movies on Sunday for one penny (where we received poinsiettas for our family at Christmas, and Lilies for Easter. They had a swimming pool and taught us how to swim. They had checker game tournaments, marble tournaments, bike decoration competitions, baby carriage decoration competitions, Brownies and Girl Scouts, a well-baby clinic for parents to have their babies checked out by a doctor and nurses, a nursery school, so MUCH. We practically lived there under the care of Mr. Cummings who worked in the office, Miss Amidon who was the library director (and much more), Mr. Seeders who was in charge of all the outdoor events. He had a huge peanut toss in the summertime and threw pennies, nickels and occasionally dimes in the air with the peanuts. For kids living during the Great Depression, it was a precious time and a precious gift to the community.

Later, the Olivet became the Dunbar League and became a HUGE edifice covering nearly a block. I believe it has since closed.

Anyone who ever attended the Olivet Community House in the 1930's and the 1940's know what an amazing outreach center that was.

You can probably find many articles and artifacts from the Olivet at the South Congregational Church on Maple Street. The Olivet was under the "jurisdiction" of South Congregational Church. The Olivet Congregational Church stood on State Street in the 1890's and had to be demolished to make way for the High School of Commerce. It was at that time, the Olivet was built on Oak Street; it was a beautiful building and a part of the facade remains, but you have to look for it.

Union and oak

Barbara, I am away and do not have books with me but that rings a bell, maybe look in 1883 Atlas as it should be there. Ralph, do you have that? Amazing how few pictures of that school there are, very attractive Queen Anne, wonderful front entrance, but must have outgrown itself fast. Jim

Union and oak

Barrows was across the street, what is now a park, Barrows Park. I think it was built to replace the school at Union and Oak that had out grown its needs. I do not know when Barrows was torn down. Lots of PC's of Barrows, have never seen one of the other school. Hi Barbara.

Union and Oak

(Hi Jim!) I'd always wondered where the Barrows School was. Is our subject the Oak Street Primary School? There's a picture on p. 132 of King's Handbook.

Union and Oak

I believe that school was called Strickland School..I have a picture of it when the streets were all dirt..

Long History

The Mosque that was burned was on the corner of Union and Oak and was a three story brick building, cant remember the name of the school.

Union & Oak school

I think that was the Barrows School.

Long History

This went on to become a Masjid/Mosque/house of worship for Muslims who Practice Islam. I actually attended Friday services in the early years of the 2000's. Sadly the building was broken into by several teenagers and they lit it on fire.

Strickland School, Barrows School, and the Olivet

hope this helps.